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What People Are Saying

The Between Ensemble in performance, Feb 2014.

The performance was magical, soulful, deep. At once playful and profound, it kept me engaged, entertained, enchanted. I became witness and participant to a singing conversation, a vocal journey exploring multiple meanings of being in the ”between” spaces. Each artist – talented and compelling on their own – created in collaboration an improvised collage that reached above and beyond their individual vocal and percussive strengths. I was transported by their tapestry of tones and weaving of words to a space that felt timeless, where the ancestors beckoned and the soul flew free.”

– Sara Thomsen, Singer-songwriter

“Knowing that no two performances are alike, that each one is utterly original, unfolding in the moment, makes ‘Between’ a quite magical experience. The audience itself becomes an integral part of the creative process. Energetic, moving and unique.”

– Deborah Cooper, Duluth Poet Laureate

I feel so blessed that my former professor asked me to help with tickets tonight and in return I was able to witness her incredible production! One of the most wonderful, uplifting, freeing, thought provoking and moving performances I have ever been too! Please take some time to go experience something great!

— Melissa


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10 Responses to “What People Are Saying

  • Nearly a month after seeing the second performance of Between I find myself still thinking about it, still going back to that space of being immersed in that soul-satisfying blend of word and music. It was wonderful to see the connections and trust the performers had with each other and to be part of the warm and inviting space they created for the audience.

  • Creativity at it’s finest. What a genuine and unique experience of all sensory elements! A veritable conglomeration of between. A little dance, some spoken word, a dash of genius, and a solid grouping of beautiful vocals and you have this wonderful performance.

  • Amazing! An incredibly unique blend of voice and imagination. The ensemble was in complete support of one another throughout as evidenced by the superior harmonics. Each artist showcased their talent and took the listeners on an unexpected journey. An evening of superb, impromptu creation.

  • This production created space, space to pause, reflect, consider and think. I was invited to discover paradigms and personal questions without judgment and in the company of others who shared their personal stories. The spontaneity was captivating, the tone was warm, and the energy sparkled. I walked away wanting more.

  • I’ve never heard any music like this: profound, evocative, humorous, surprising, spiritual, and toe-tapping. It was deeply moving and glorious fun, at the same time. I wish everyone in Minnesota could hear this music.

  • What a pleasure it was to see some of my favorite artists come together and create “songtaneous” delights! I enjoyed this format (playing with a canvas of previously written stories and poetry) and I’m inspired to try it as well.
    Thank you for a thoughtful and musical evening. Bravo!

  • The ensemble of six incredible unique performers took you on a journey from the older days of how the African Americans would perform on the street corners with a combination of deep and soulful tones in perfect harmony. So moving you almost forget that most of it was done a cappella. Just very spectacular and mesmerizing. Thanks for a rewarding experience,

  • Well, first of all, I am passionate about vocal improv so to hear this performance from that stand point with amazing vocalists was a treat. I wish I had seen a both performances to feel/hear the differences. I I know it takes courage and intent listening to create on the spot, and I loved hearing how the pieces started, morphed, and resolved.

  • Thank you, Sarah, for creating this! What a pleasure to hear so many unique voices blending and weaving together in musical conversation. I appreciated the ‘in-between’ theme that gave performers an opportunity to share their personal stories. The rhythms of the drums tied it all together for me. I loved being invited to sing with the performers. What a unique experience!

  • Thank you so much for the performance. I find myself wishing I could have seen both nights, to compare the two. The only thing I could have asked for more of, would have been more “showing” of the stories in the piece about the stories…like interweaving of some of the ensemble’s personal or favorite stories as examples of nuance and complexity.

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